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Het Nieuwe Flirten

Flirten gaat onder andere over het aftasten van elkaar grenzen, maar wat als dit niet goed lukt? Dan kan een vleierij al gauw grensoverschrijdend zijn.

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At a Glance [Bezorgd]

During his evening shift, pizza delivery boy Izem suspects domestic violence is taking place behind the doors of a wealthy customer. Do the police believe his warning?
At a Glance is about a quest for connection by people from various social backgrounds, who are challenged to shake off their prejudices. For Izem and his customers, this is not without risk.

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The Asojá flies, the bird-god-woman who transmutes spirit. She was a tiger, she was a plant, she was a jaguar, and today she is a girl who must heal her pain.

news 6 January 2022

EAMI selected for IFFR Tiger Competition

Our co-production EAMI will have its world premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam as part of the Tiger Competition!

productions In production

Alice in Mother's Land

A Russian journalist feels that she is losing her connection with her Western-born and Western-minded daughter. She organizes a trip across Russia in search of common roots. But the daughter sees it as more of her mother’s propaganda

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Up to G-Cup

Up to G-Cup, a new documentary by Jacqueline van Vugt is set at the first lingerie shop in Northern Iraq. Different generations of women tell their stories from the fitting room. Stories about love, sexual freedom and shame in a country torn by war and suppression. The film was awarded the Prize of the Dutch Film Critics at the Dutch Film Festival 2021

productions In production


Currently in production is the international feature film ‘Crossing’ written and directed by Dutch director Jacqueline van Vugt. Three Stories intertwine on ferry crossing from Morocco to Spain. In the course of the Journey, fear of loss and powerlessness turns the tide for all. This feature film has been selected for Cinemart 2019. Jacqueline van Vugt is known for her film “Borders (premiere at IDFA, Fipresci award).

news 25 May 2021

Feature film Mandai River selected for l'Atelier 2021 Cannes

Dutch feature film Mandai River by screenwriter/director Michael Sewandono produced by Raymond van der Kaaij of Revolver has been selected for the prestigious l’Atelier 2021 at the Cannes Film Festival.

news 7 May 2021

Jacqueline van Vugt starts filming her debut feature, Crossing, in Croatia

The debut fiction feature by Dutch writer-director Jacqueline van Vugt, Crossing, started filming last week in Pula, Croatia, and will continue on multiple locations throughout Croatia.

news 5 May 2021

Adforum votes Revolver’s Finlandia campaign as best alcohol ad of the month!

Revolver’s latest campaign for Finlandia Vodka was voted Best Alcohol Advertisement of the month by adforum. The commercial titled ‘Made by Finland’ was shot in Lapland, the crew navigated the challenging Finnish terrain covered in ice and snow for over a week.

news 4 May 2021

Upcoming feature THE OCCUPANT receives MegaGrant from Epic Games

Revolver Amsterdam is proud to share that our upcoming Feature Film THE OCCUPANT has received an Epic MegaGrant from Epic Games. The Epic MegaGrant will be used to accelerate the developmental use of groundbreaking filmmaking technologies with Unreal Engine in the real-time graphics and virtual production space for the film.

news 20 April 2021

FIVE TIGER | Atlanta Film Festival

We’re proud to announce that FIVE TIGER will be screened at the Atlanta Film Festival, one the Oscar qualifying festivals in the US!

news 17 March 2021

Under the Naked Sky

Under the Naked Sky’ is the first feature film by Dutch director Lilian Sijbesma.

productions Music Video,Special Projects

S10 music video for Shortcutz competition

S10 – Crystal Clear
Directed by Revolver collaborator Juliana Gómez

news 8 March 2021

Welcome Jacqueline Sevcik

Revolver Amsterdam welcomes Jacqueline Sevcik as Creative Producer and Studio Manager for the branded content division of the company.

news 16 February 2021

'Too Beautiful, Our Right to Fight ' Soundtrack Album RELEASED

The official soundtrack for the feature documentary ‘Too Beautiful, Our Right to Fight’ by Swedish director Maceo Frost is out and available for download.

news 28 January 2021

Shiny Awards Finalists

Swedish director Malin Ingrid and German director Marko Roth were shortlisted for the Shiny Awards. Both directors films were chosen to be screened for the audience and judges at the awards ceremony and were very well received. Judges included major players from W+K, and top industry professionals.

news 13 January 2021

Press release: Revolver Signs Four New International Directors

Ads of Brands/ Adland/ SHOTS/ SHOOTonline/The Stable

News about our new director signings makes a splash with full coverage from major publications around the world.

news 22 December 2020

Press release: Revolver announces film inspired by the MH17 plane disaster

Dutch production house Revolver has acquired the film rights to Dutch novel Mooi Doodliggen (‘Play Dead’) by A.F.Th. van der Heijden, inspired by the 2014 Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 disaster.

news 21 December 2020

FIVE TIGER selected for Sundance 2021

FIVE TIGER, the debut narrative short film by Nomawonga Khumalo has been selected for the Sundance Film Festival 2021.

news 8 July 2020

New project The Occupant selected for Frontieres Cannes 2020

We’re very happy to share a new fantastic project we’re developing. THE OCCUPANT is a contained sci-fi thriller with a powerful psychological story at its heart.

news 9 May 2020

Mandai River receives support and selected for Focus Asia

Feature film project Mandai River, written by Roelof-Jan Minneboo and Michael Sewandono and to be directed by Michael Sewandono has been selected to pitch at Focus Asia, after it had received development support by the Dutch Filmfund.

news 1 December 2019

New feature project: 'Memories from the Forest' by Paz Encina

We are jumping on board to work with Paz Encina on her feature film ‘Memories from the Forest’, and we couldn’t be more excited! Paraguayan director and screenwriter Paz Encina is known for her drama film Paraguayan Hammock (2006) winner of the FIPRESCI Award of the Cannes Film Festival.

news 6 May 2019

Bruce Lee & The Outlaw wins more awards

We’re very happy to share that our documentary ‘Bruce Lee & The Outlaw’ continues to win peoples hearts and awards! Recent awards include the Cinephile Award, Busan Intl Film Festival for Best World Documentary Feature, SOS Kinderdorfer Weltweiter, DocFest Munich and most recently the Special Jury Award at the TRT Documentary Days! Congrats team

news 3 December 2018

Too beautiful x Adidas selected for the Havana Film Festival!

Our independent feature documentary is picking up steam at festivals worldwide! The film was selected for the prestigious Warsaw International Film Festival and Hot Springs Film Festival in the USA. But now the film is going home as it will be shown at the Havana Film Festival in December 2018. We’re super proud, Maceo Frost directed an urgent and visually ‘punchy’ film, showing that every woman has the right to fight. The film was made together with Adidas and marks a very special collaboration, as it is a fully independent and un-branded film. Adidas jumped on board to support the cause of the female boxers, coming from their strong believe that sports can change lifes.

More info here

productions Finished

Too beautiful x Adidas

“Too weak. Too old. Too beautiful.” For boxer Namibia Flores Rodriguez, naysayers fuel her need to fight. For decades, she’s trained 5 hours a day – every day – in hopes to one day win an Olympic gold title in boxing. But, in Cuba, boxing is still banned for women.

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Bruce Lee & the Outlaw

Award winning film, ‘Bruce Lee and the Outlaw’ is a modern-day Oliver Twist story under the streets of Bucharest. Directed by Joost Vandebrug.


Asics x Djokovic

One of eight films in a series for the Asics I MOVE ME campaign. In this film, Asics teams up with world famous tennis player Novak Djokovic to tell his incredible story, defying all odds to follow his destiny.
Directed by Maceo Frost.


Asics x Dewi Griffiths

Asics teams up with Welsh runner and shepherd Dewi Griffith for the second film in a series for the I MOVE ME campaign. Directed by Maceo Frost.

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Ministry of Defence 360°

In collaboration with Steam Amsterdam, we produced three 360° videos for the Dutch Ministry of Defense.

Visitors of the website can switch between the 360 videos to experience the same event from three different perspectives of a joint military operation to secure and clear a suspected terrorist IED Facility.

productions Finished

I dream in another language

A young linguist travels to the jungle of Mexico to research and save a mysterious indigenous language.

productions Short

Seven things I learned about time travel

A Young Boy Fights Depression With Time in Jonathan Herzberg’s ‘Seven Things I’ve Learned About Time Travel’.

productions Branded video

Red Bull - Get Wings

For Red Bull Netherlands we produced a short documentary about pro cyclist team Lotto-Jumbo’s secret test, in search of the perfect time trial & the art of aerodynamics.


Knippr - Ga Los

Campaign produced for Red Urban/ Etcetera for the launch of a new interactive TV provider KNIPPR

productions Commercial,Fashion Film

Kinki - Rules don't rule anymore

Director Maceo Frost teams up with the Dutch iconic brand Kinki for a new campaign video. For all those authentic people out there, check it out!

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Bodkin Ras

With Bodkin Ras, director Kaweh Modiri created a poignant and dark film which breaks the boundaries between fiction and reality, searching for the ‘inner hell’ in every human being. The film blends fiction, documentary and a literary essay of a man looking for a fresh start, aiming for a fair chance.

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A short film directed by Camiel Schouwenaar developed and produced for KRO-NRCV within the ‘Nu of Nooit’ (‘Now or Never’) framework of the Mediafund.

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They Have Escaped

‘They Have Escaped’ is a contemporary road movie. A visually told story of love, escape, hope, violence and survival.

productions Commercial

Asus - Transformer Book Chi

To launch their new Transformer Book – Chi, Asus teamed up with director Shueti to create a campaign in search for this magic energy: the Chi.

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“We live in a place where everything stops”

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G-Star RAW - The Challenge

Director Shueti teams up with fashion brand G-Star RAW for a campaign showing the uncompromising attitude in chess and no doubt in fashion.

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‘Drift’ is an experimental feature film that blurs the line between documentary and performance art. The unusual way the movie was created deviates from the norm choosing to implement the same intuition of the character in the working method of the movie.

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One Spy and One Terrorist

Set in the Forbidden zone of Chernobyl, ‘One Spy and One Terrorist’ follows a team of young Ukrainian excavation workers who get caught up in a truth that’s hidden from them.