We are Revolver. An Amsterdam based production house with a global reach. We create content operating at the intersection of entertainment, advertising & digital.

Who we are

We like that we’re known for crafting original films and exceptional multi-disciplinary digital content. Our goal is to create the kind of powerful work that is engaging, and that speaks to a global audience by fostering the development of uniquely creative and effective ideas. In over a decade we’ve built a strong international network of acclaimed directors, writers and creatives making our work inherently diverse, but always unified by our love for meaningful storytelling.

Our award winning films and collaborations give a voice to emerging and established talent, have brought brands closer to their audiences, and remain innovative though experimentation.

What we do

As an independent production studio, we work directly with brands, agencies and creators to realise their vision. Specializing in feature and documentary film, television, advertising and digital-minded content, we always think outside the box. Our experience and key partnerships means that we can help develop, produce, finance and distribute content across a variety of channels.

Artist- first approach

Part of our strategy for successful collaborations is working with talented artists around the world. We aim to foster emerging talent and strengthen our established artists. It is important to us to give a platform to the voices that should be heard and the incredible stories they have to tell.

Raymond van der Kaaij | Executive Producer | Managing Partner

Nathalie Frey | Business manager nathalie@revolver.nl

Arben Zharku | Producer – International co-productions arben@revolver.nl

Amir Karagic | Producer Branded Studio amir@revolver.nl

Albert Kuhn | Creative Producer albert@revolver.nl

Adela Bottcher | Jr Producer adela@revolver.nl

Naomi Mutal | Creative Producer naomi@revolver.nl


Schollenbrugstraat 7HS
1091EX Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 (0)20 820 89 87

For new business inquiries
Please contact raymond@revolver.nl

VAT nr | NL8541.71.411.B.01
Chamber of Commerce | 61025976