International feature film.

Currently in production is ‘Crossing’ written and directed by Dutch director Jacqueline van Vugt. Three Stories intertwine on ferry crossing from Morocco to Spain. Troubled by the fear of loss, doubt, and indecision, everyone makes their own crossing to ‘the other’ in the hope of salvation. But their powerlessness leaves room for fate to step in.

Dutch director Jacqueline van Vugt spent her youth in West Africa in the Sahel region, living amongst the small farmers in the vast countryside. Over the years she has made many films in Africa. She is known for depicting themes around transition and immigration, hope and illusion, power and disillusion. Her previous film was BORDERS (premiere at IDFA, Fipresci award).

Selected for:
Cinemart 2019

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In production
Jacqueline van Vugt
Germen Boelens (Revolver Film), Raymond van der Kaaij (Revolver Film), Dries Phlypo (A Private View, Belgium), Siniša Juričić (Nukleus Film, Croatia)
Supported by
Netherlands Film Fund, Flanders Audiovisual Fund, Croatian Audiovisual Centre