G-Star RAW - The Challenge

Shueti directed a visually stunning commercial for fashion brand G-Star RAW, where chess champion Magnus Carlsen and model Lily Cole enter a fantastical game of chess in a surreal landscape of concrete and steel. The film is part of the new worldwide Spring/Summer 2014 campaign, which taking chess as a metaphor for life and the G-Star design ethos, is a call to think and re-think every move, to always move forward.

The film shows how an uncompromising attitude is key to moving forward, in any pursuit. Shot in an old warehouse, we collaborated closely with VFX company The Ambassadors to create a surreal and minimalistic environment and a lifesize chess game.

With this campaign film, Shueti again delivers a visually stunning film after his award winning music video for electronic music artist Amon Tobin, showcasing him again as one of the most exciting new directing talents from the Netherlands

G-Star RAW
Executive producer
Raymond van der Kaaij
Line producer
Lucia Dondorp
Niels Boon
Peter Hamelinck, Aitor