Bodkin Ras

The people in Forres don’t work. Between 9 and 5 they dissolve into the pubs, where the light shines as a warm glow in their midst. Then the stranger Bodkin arrives into town. He has come to this remote corner of Europe to hide and lay low.

The film blends fiction, documentary and a literary essay of a man looking for a fresh start, aiming for a fair chance. In his pure and existential aim to belong somewhere he is a hazard to himself and his surrounding.

With Bodkin Ras, director Kaweh Modiri created a poignant and dark film which breaks the boundaries between fiction and reality, searching for the ‘inner hell’ in every human being.

The cast includes Dutch actor Sohrab Bayat and the people of Forres. Iranian musician, singer-songwriter Mohsen Namjoois (“some call him a sort of Bob Dylan of Iran”) created the music score.

Kaweh Modiri (1982) is a Dutch filmmaker and writer of Iranian descent. In 2010 he graduated from the Image & Language Department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. His graduation film “My burglar and I” is a true story about an artist who stalks his burglar over a period of a year and proclaims him to be the protagonist of his new film. The film had it’s worldwide première during the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2011 and was awarded the René Coelho Award from the Dutch Institute for Media Art.

North American premiere SXSW 2016

Fipresci Award

International film critics (IFFR2016)

Making Way Award

Netia Off Camera Festival Krakow

Youth Jury Award

Netia Off Camera Festival Krakow

Best Film Award

Mamoth Lakes Festival USA

Kaweh Modiri
Kaweh Midiri
Raymond van der Kaaij
Inti Films, Peter Krüger
Line producer
Katie Crook
Sohrab Bayat, Lily Szramko , Eddie Paton, James Macmillan
Daan Nieuwenhuis
Jan de Coster
Moshen Namjoo
Supported by
Dutch Filmfund, Flemish Audiovisual Fund, Mondriaan Fund/BKVB, Voordekunst