Mike Steegmans

Mike Steegmans is a unique and extremely versatile photographer, always searching for beauty, obsessed with the right lighting to capture it in.


He got into photography at the filmschool in Brussels, Belgium. Soon after his studies in the 90’s, he started to work as a snowboard photographer. This is where he developed mad skills in shooting movement and a love for traveling. Steegmans worked as a staff photographer and editor-in-chief for some leading snowboard magazines.

Moving on, he elaborated his work by shooting models and celebrity portraits for several major magazines in Belgium. Through al the years he kept one common factor in all of his photography: spontaneity and personality. His work never turns composed or artificial. In his portraits, you immediately detect the subject’s personality. His fashion work is always derived from real life situations.

Coming from a board sports background, Mike has a great feeling with street culture. But also knows exactly when and where to pull the trigger when shooting action photos.

When not working on commissioned work, Steegmans works on a series of female nudes. He has developed a very personal style, showing the beauty of the female body, often combined with loads of self humour and quirkiness. His pictures demonstrate an intimacy only made possible through a very personal bond of trust between the photographer and his models.

Traveling around as much as he does, Mike Steegmans inevitably started recording his travels, resulting in beautiful travel photography series from Uganda all the way to Japan.

Mike spends his time between Catalunya where he lives at the seaside near Barcelona, and Antwerp in Belgium, where he has his roots. Whenever he finds time, he’ll be on a plane to Argentina, working from Buenos Aires or exploring the mountains of Patagonia, his most preferred place in the world.

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