'Too Beautiful, Our Right to Fight ' Soundtrack Album RELEASED

The official soundtrack for the feature documentary ‘Too Beautiful, Our Right to Fight’ by Swedish director Maceo Frost is out and available for download.

The official soundtrack for the feature documentary ‘Too Beautiful, Our Right to Fight’ is released! The film was directed by Swedish director Maceo Frost in collaboration with Adidas.

The album features the film’s original music selection composed by Erasmus Talbot, Ted Krotkiewski, Juan Romero & Yakumbe. Specially curated by the director himself, the soundtrack reflects not only the powerful message of Namibia’s story, but also speaks to Maceo’s known background in music and the creative spirit fostered through his upbringing.

For Maceo Frost: “Music has always been an integral element in all of my films. Having spent time in Cuba studying Spanish before making the film, I would always hear different playful rhythms throughout the city on my way to school. Inspired by this and Namibia’s tireless struggle, my team of incredibly talented musicians, captured the emotion and sound that reflects Namibia’s story. I’m very happy that after the amazing journey we took with this film, we can finally spotlight the amazing musicians who composed this soundtrack.”

‘Too Beautiful’ is an independent film directed by Maceo Frost that tells the empowering story of Namibia Flores Rodriguez, a female Cuban boxer in Havana. For decades, she’s trained five hours a day every day with the hope to one day win an Olympic gold title in boxing. Although Cuba is recognized as one of the most successful countries to compete in olympic boxing, the sport has a long standing ban for female competitors. Only one year shy of the official age cap, Namibia is fighting for her final chance.

Made in collaboration with Adidas, ‘Too Beautiful’ premiered at the prestigious Sheffield Doc/Fest and screened at dozens of international festivals. The film was recently acquired by HBO Max and is widely available on Amazon Prime, Itunes, Google Play and Youtube, Amazon Prime, Vimeo on Demand and Vudu.

Listen Now: https://backl.ink/144460366