LOTUS is a mosaic film about loneliness and the impossibility to communicate. The story takes place in a day and a half and depicts four situations in a big city – in this case Rotterdam. A group of thirty-somethings has planned a day out together, but it is soon clear that the self-evidence of their initial love has vanished.

An elderly couple, who struggle with their relationship and their autistic son, try to make a new start, but old mechanisms can’t be easily dispelled. After a car accident, a slick guy is confronted with the emptiness of his life. And her mother’s euthanasia wish makes a woman see her own role as a teen daughter’s mother in a new light.

90 mins / digital
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Pascale Simons
Philip Delmaar
IJswater Films (Marc Bary)
Revolver Media (Raymond van der Kaaij)
Birgit Schuurman, Gaite Jansen, Chris Zeegers, Monique Hendrickx, Georgina Verbaan, Peggy Jane de Schepper, Nasrdin Dchar, Jack Wouters, Raymond Thiry
Supported by
Dutch Film Fund, Cobo Fund, Media Fund, Rotterdam Media Fund