Vengaboys – 2 Brazil
Fashion Film,Mixed Media,Music Video

Dutch hit machine Vengaboys asked Revolver Amsterdam to create a music video for their new track ’2 Brazil’, as part of the 2014 Fifa Worldcup. They wanted something that would appeal to a worldwide football loving audience. So our directors thought of breasts and breasts only.

But wanting to prove that a video featuring just breasts can be tasteful, directors INE & SANNE took a slightly different approach and focussed on clean art-direction and design. Inspired by the Brazilian carnival we asked 15 Dutch designers to create some out of space, plastic fantastic, fabulously fashionable or just plain crazy nipple tassels. The video has gone viral. It hit up to 7 million hits in the first 3 weeks alone and we are still counting in tens of thousands every day.

As part of the promotional campaign, the nipple tassels are exhibited during the Amsterdam Fashion Week in Felix&Foam: ‘TITS & TASSELS’. Giving fashion lovers, design geeks and boob enthusiasts the chance to admire these unique little artworks. Haute couture for boobies that proves that fashion can go much further than just clothes.

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