Cordaid Memisa – Stop moedersterfte nu

TV commercial, TV promo and online video for NGO Cordaid Memisa to raise awareness for maternal death and the fact that every minute somewhere in the world a woman dies during or after giving birth. The campaign was mainly aimed at fundraising.

For this spot, we travelled to Dhaka, Bangladesh with a mini crew of three (director, DOP and producer) and together with our fabulous local team (kudos to 19 Film Factory!) we did the local shooting with a small crew, using a lot of what we found on the spot. We worked with a great Bangladesh young actress and shot the entire commercial on the Canon 5D. The remaining part of the commercial was shot in a studio in Amsterdam.

The video shown is our directors cut, you can watch the client’s version here

No Tomato
Eelko Ferwerda
Line producer
19 Filmfactory, Dhaka
Eelko Ferwerda
Gregg Telussa
Jacqueline Bastiaansen, Sven-Erik Kruijff
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