We welcome Gleeson Paulino to our photography roster
September 2019

Welcome to photographer and world traveler Gleeson Paulino!

From Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, Gleeson Paulino grew up within
of the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems. However his childhood
was caged by a strict religion inherited from an Evangelical
Brazilian family. Inhibited and unable to exercise authority over his
own choices. Gleeson left home at the age of 17 escaping to
explore both the world of his own subconscious and in parallel
that of the places and people he would soon find himself
immersed in.

Since then Gleeson has been working with a mixture of his own
personal images and fashion photography. His Neo-romantic
images demonstrates a contemporary authenticity while existing in
a fantasy of the present filled with lust, dreams, and longing.
In more recent years Gleeson’s native heritage has encouraged
him to turn back to his indigenous roots, developing a growing
curiosity in the lives of Amazonian’s, the protection of their
societies, environment and in extension, the unquestionably
unsustainable way the rest of the world is functioning.
Gleeson is exploring the concepts of identity, culture, lifestyle,
wider ecosystems, the threat of climate change and the intricately
inseparable resultant impact on not only Brazil’s Amazon, but in
turn, the rest of the world’s capacity to support a sustainable

Combining his own art with fashion to communicate how this ideal
hangs in a very delicate balance…

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