Bio - Brett de Vos

Brett is a freelance creative, writer, director and editor living in good old Amsterdam. He has over 8 years of experience directing commercials, short films, music videos, TV shows and virals.

Brett’s narrative work has a very distinct point of view, taking the audience on symbolic journeys, layered in meaning but always viscerally relatable.

His stories never shy away from confrontation, producing moments of discomfort that thereby create opportunities for the audience to draw their own meaning.

Brett’s more commercial work is known for being edgy with a sophisticated-cool appeal and pop sensibility. He has worked with Nissan, Intel, Lucas Film, Nintendo, Lego, Mtv, Adidas, Remy Martin and Google.

Brett has created a distinct visual and narrative style that is simplistic, yet visually and thematically rich. His work always asks the viewer to look deeper and to question the broader structural principles of life, society and their viewing experience.

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