Revolver Amsterdam is an award-winning, independent hybrid studio encompassing the development, production, financing and distribution of exceptional content for audiences worldwide. Stories that matter, that provoke, that have impact. To earn true attention and deep engagement.

Our goal is to engage with audiences through storytelling and original, challenging content and to do everything to foster the development of powerful and effective ideas. We do so with a strong international network of directors, writers and creatives. Even though our work is inherently diverse and digitally minded, it is always unified by our love for good stories, design, film and advertising.

We believe that mixing the expertise of both commercial and ‘free work’ helps us to keep production tighter, while gaining in creativity, experience and expertise. And ultimately we want to snare the senses and trap the attention of a fragmented audience hungry for entertainment, interaction and fun. Hence our love for feature films, drama series and documentaries.

Revolver Amsterdam BV
Oosteinde 11
1017 WT Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 820 89 87
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For job & internship inquires, please send an email to work@revolver.nl, but please note that we can’t guarantee an immediate answer.


Raymond van der Kaaij
CEO / Executive producer


Dijana Olcay-Hot
Film producer


Joachim van Trommel
Documentary producer


Klaudia Gainza
Executive Producer Branded

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