July 2017

*We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we have added TWO amazing Scandinavian talents to our director’s roster.
Welcome Martin Aamund and Rune Milton!*

Martin excels at infusing his films with both humanity and beauty thus making him a sought-after director for those who want both style and substance in their commercials. As well as the presence of beauty and naturalism within his work, he likes to use humour and oddity to make his films memorable and unpredictable.

Martin has been recognised with awards at the Epica, Clio, Cannes Lions, and New York Film festivals; and he has directed ads for the likes of McDonald’s, Nokia, Budweiser, Johnny Walker and Peugeot.

Rune started his career as an editor for Danish online agency Framfab, where he also produced and directed before moving to award-winning Danish agency Stahl Hjaltelin as a creative director in 2006.

He went on to further his career as a director, working for international brands including Nike, Microsoft and Nescafe, and has been awarded internationally numerous times, in particular for his Nike spot “The Perfect Kick”. His stunning, sometimes edgy aesthetics and flair for storytelling make for hugely compelling work whether it be a straight narrative or laced with subtle and intuitive humour.

Signing Martin and Rune follows our strong desire to work with international talent on campaigns and stories that reach both a local and international audience.

Moreover, we LOVE the Scandinavian aesthetic and tone, the often clean, crisp image and subtle touch of humour where needed. So, to say that we’re delighted to have them on-board is an understatement – welcome Martin & Rune!

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