Our branded Virtual Reality film selected for filmfestival Cannes
April 2016

*Our short Virtual Reality film ‘AMANI’ is selected for the NEXT programme of the prestigious filmfestival Cannes!! ‘AMANI was produced for charity Terre des Hommes and directed by Dutch directors Joris Weerts and Eelko Ferwerda. NEXT is the industry program of Cannes Marché, which is focusing on the future of cinema, and forms a showcase for innovative new projects. The 2016 edition focuses entirely on Virtual Reality.

More info on the project here*

Using virtual reality, the film shows the exploitation of the 12-year-old girl Amani by a Kenyan middle class family. Her life consists of domestic work, taking care of the young children of the family and suffering from physical violence, harassment and sexual abuse. In this virtual reality video, the viewer suddenly finds himself right in the middle of the family that keeps Amani as a domestic slave, making the everyday lack of freedom, the intimidation and abuse more perceptible than ever.

‘Amani’ was realized in collaboration with charity Terre des Hommes and premiered during Liberation Day 2015

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