Bio - Audrey Mascina

The building of imaginary worlds through film making is a journey that started for Audrey through dance and music.

As a former classic and contemporary dancer and still active electronic musician, she has developed a strong feel for movement and rhythm, using space and body language to create captivating visual stories.

A true passion for human beings and what moves them translated into theatrical and cinematic narratives that set the viewer in some kind of physical and tactile engagement with her images.

For her, the camera is like a dancer. The agile companion to build tension, chase and dance with the subject, seize the magic liberated in the frame.

Whether brand stories, advertisements or music videos, Audrey’s films are characterized by this sensual energy and intensity. Both poetic and aesthetic. Both rock and sophisticated pop. A pictorial realism colored with a surrealist twist that creates her very distinctive touch.

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