Wakker Dier – Levend strippen

For Wakker Dier (Animals Awake), we produced a controversial viral campaign. With the campaign, Wakker Dier wanted to draw attention to the cruel stripping of alive fish. According to Wakker Dier, fish are still alive when their intestines are removed, when they are being frozen or when they are drenched in salt. The most important goals of the campaign were to stimulate the public discussion and to obtain media attention.

>Ancilla Tilia, Hollands best known fetish model and elected Most Sexy Vegetarian, promised to strip live, online, on Monday July 22nd at 19.30 hours, for a good cause. The strip show was promoted on blogs, radio shows, Facebook and Twitter and various online magazines.

At exactly the announced time, a movie, that indeed has a steamy starting point, began playing but the sexy show had a somewhat unexpected ending.

The website was visited over 40.000 times in two days, and during the first twelve hours that it was online, the movie was downloaded more than 10.000 times and on Youtube and Vimeo the views easily topped a million. There was also plenty of media coverage: over 100 weblogs, newspapers like De Pers, Metro, De Telegraaf, Het Parool and Nu.nl. We also reached NOS Headlines, BNN Radio, Giel Beelen and SBS Shownieuws.

Thanks to a phased strategy we boosted the viral effect and managed to stir up an extensive conversation. Revolver was responsible for the production of the movie, the seeding strategy and the web design. The concept was developed in cooperation with Wakker Dier.

Wakker Dier
Shariff Nasr
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